Donna Linsalata


Donna Linsalata is involved in recruiting, professional and leadership development, and employee engagement activities. Ms. Linsalata is based in Rockpoint’s Boston office. Ms. Linsalata rejoined Rockpoint in 2022 after spending approximately 10 months working at CrossHarbor Capital Partners as the Director of Human Resources. Prior to joining CrossHarbor, Ms. Linsalata spent approximately 10 months as a human resources consultant. Prior to joining Rockpoint in 2016, Ms. Linsalata worked at Denham Capital Management for seven years, most recently as the Head of Human Resources. Prior to joining Denham Capital, Ms. Linsalata worked at Beacon Hill Staffing Group for two years, where she focused on recruiting and business development. Ms. Linsalata received a B.S. in Marketing from Lehigh University.

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